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we doen altijd ons best om de software op onze website up-to-date te houden. De betreffende toepassingen worden daarom regelmatig bijgewerkt. Als er problemen zijn bij het uitvoeren van een toepassing of als een toepassing niet kan worden gestart, verwijdert u de bestaande versie van uw computer en downloadt u de nieuwe versie hier.


Naam: Schletter Configurator
Uitgever: Schletter Solar GmbH
Opmerking: Houd er rekening mee dat inloggegevens vereist zijn om de Schletter Configurator te gebruiken.


Schletter Configurator 2.0 (Standard):

Schletter Configurator 3.0 (incl. Google Maps):

De bepaling van de belasting is een dienst van Schletter Solar GmbH voor bepaling van de plaatselijke wind- en sneeuwbelasting op basis van de in het betreffende land geldende technische voorschriften. Schletter aanvaardt geen enkele verantwoordelijkheid of aansprakelijkheid voor de juistheid van de resultaten.


Registration / Create an Account

In order to use the Schletter Configurator, you need access to a user account. If you already have one, simply log-in to start using the application. If not, you can follow these steps to create a user account.

  1. Visit our web portal [https://schletter-group.com] and click on CUSTOMER INFO. Head over to SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD and hit “Download Schletter Configurator 3.0” to download the Schletter Configurator 3.0.
  2. Alternatively, you can simply copy the following URL and paste it into your web browser: http://download-sc.schletter-group.com/lastannahme/SCalc3/SCalc3.application. This will automatically download a file named “SCalc3.application” onto your computer.
  3. Simply click on the file to open it. The Schletter Configurator 3.0 will automatically be installed.
  4. You’ll see an authentication window pop up. Under the two buttons “Cancel” and “OK”, you should see a “Register” link. Click that and mark in all the fields pertaining to you on the registration form that appears.
  5. Fill in your chosen username and password.
  6. Agree to the privacy policy and hit “OK” to submit the entry. You’ll receive an email with an activation link. Hit the link in the email to activate your new account. Please note: You might have to check your spam folder for the verification email.
  7. Now, you can use the Schletter Configurator 3.0 by entering the username and password you just chose.
  8. If you’re using an internet proxy, you’ll have to inform the Configurator so it works properly. Simply click on the gear symbol in the authentication window and enter the requested data on the dialog window that pops up.

Network Requirements

For the Schletter Configurator 3.0 to work optimally, your firewalls and local virus scanners will need to recognize the following IP addresses and URLs: Port 80 TCP / ws.schletter-group.com / http://download-sc.schletter-group.com/lastannahme/SCalc3/SCalc3.application


Please note: The offered tools (Schletter Configurator 2.0 / 3.0) are only available for Windows based systems. When using iOS/MAC, a Windows emulation is required to run the tools such as Parallels.

Report Errors  

In the event the calculator does not auto-generate an email due to a problem please report this, or any other issues with calculator, to: calculator@schletter-group.com.


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