Dear Customers,
we always do our best to keep the software provided on our website up-to-date. Thus, the respective applications are updated regularly. If there are any problems in the execution of an application or if an application cannot be started, please remove the existing version from your computer and download the new version here.


Name: Schletter Configurator
Publisher: Schletter Solar GmbH
Note: Please note that login details are required to use the Schletter Configurator.

Schletter Configurator 2.0 (standard):

Schletter Configurator 3.0 (incl. Google Maps):

The load determination is a service provided by the Schletter Solar GmbH for the determination of the local wind and snow loads on the basis of the technical sets of rules that are valid in the respective country. Schletter does not assume any responsibility or liability for the correctness of the results.


Registration / Creation of a user account

To use the Configurator, you need a user account.

The following steps explain how to create a user account.

  1. Go to our web portal [] to CUSTOMER AREA. Click on the link Download (SC) Schletter Configurator 3.0 under SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD to download the Schletter Configurator 3.0.
  2. Download Schletter Configurator 3.0. Alternatively, you can copy the following line into the address line of your internet browser
  3. You will get a file named “SCalc3.application”.
  4. Click on the file and open it. The Schletter Configurator 3.0 will be installed.
  5. In the authentication window under the two buttons “Cancel and OK” you will find a link with the name “Register”.
  6. Click on “Register” and if possible, fill in all fields in the registration form that appears.
    – The access data “username & password” are freely selectable.
    – Confirm the privacy policy and finish the entry with OK.
    – You will then receive an e-mail with an activation link.
    – Click on the activation link in the e-mail and activate your newly created user account.
    Note: Please check your spam folder for the verification email.
  7. Now you can use the access data you have chosen in the authentication window of the Schletter Configurator 3.0 and use the Schletter Configurator 3.0.
  8. If you use a proxy server to access the internet, you have to inform the Configurator about it. To do so, click on the gear symbol in the authentication window. A dialog window will open where you can enter the required data.

Requirements Network

For the Schletter Configurator 3.0 to work, the following IP addresses as well as the shown URL’s must be set as trusted in the firewall and local virus scanners. Port 80 TCP / /


Please note that the offered tools (Schletter Configurator 2.0 / 3.0) are only available for Windows based systems. When using iOS/MAC, a Windows emulation is required to run the tools, e.g: Parallels.