Our FixGrid 18 flat roof system with a 10 degree angle of inclination will be now available. This saves ballasting without reducing the modules’ self-cleaning ability.

Most manufacturers guarantee a photo-voltaic module’s self-cleaning ability for an inclination over 10 degrees. This comes into effect at a 13 degree angle of inclination for our standard FixGrid model.

It is also true that: the smaller the angle of inclination, the less ballasting is required. Ballasting is not only a cost factor. Flat roofs also often have limited load-bearing reserves. They can only be used for photo-voltaic installations with loads that are as small as possible.

Our new version of the FixGrid 18 brings both together under one roof: A flat roofing system, which is ballast optimised, yet also guarantees the module’s self-cleaning ability. With a 10 degree angle of inclination, it requires less ballasting than the standard 13 degree version. We have already taken the system into account in our design tool, the Schletter Configurator.

Product sheet FixGrid18: