Kirchdorf/Haag, May 9, 2019. Higher yields with smart assembly solutions – this is at the forefront of the Schletter Group’s presence at intersolar Europe 2019 next week. The globally active producer of solar mounting solutions presents its tracking system, which has been optimized for bifacial solar modules, as well as a new, high-strength roof hook generation. This is complemented by a number of product optimizations, which enable easier handling for end customers, installers and resellers.

“Yield optimization for PV systems is the hot topic in the industry at the moment. This is underlined by massive demand for bifacial modules,” Dr.-Ing. Cedrik Zapfe, Co-Managing Director and Chief Developer of the Schletter Group emphasizes. “With our new and further developed mounting solutions, we are making a crucial contribution to leverage previously unused yield potential.” The examples Zapfe then states include the integration of bifacial modules, material savings based on new high-performance materials, faster planning and assembly due to smart design solutions and, last but not least, easy handling of system components on the part of resellers.

Tracking system for bifacial modules

The Schletter Group presents its 2018 tracking system, which has been sold in Europe, Africa and Australia in a new version that is optimized for bifacial modules. For this purpose, the reverse side of the module tables was adjusted so that the modules can be installed without shading, i. e. without any disturbing metal struts or the like. Unlike most single-axis tracking systems, the Schletter Tracker does not require a central torque tube at the pivot point of the table. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to module arrangement and the use of bifacial modules in particular.

“This does not change the key design advantage of the Schletter Tracker,” Christian Salzeder, CSO Tracker at Schletter adds. The system works with a patented mechanical self-locking system, i. e. there is a mechanical locking element on each post, which locks automatically if the row is not moved. This eliminates all wind-induced vibrations (so-called galloping effect) for the entire row. When in the resting position, the system therefore has the characteristics and resilience of a fixed installation, suitable for wind speeds of up to 260 km/h.

The upper assembly group with the drive unit is delivered pre-assembled. This means that the system can be installed almost as quickly as a fixed installation. The Schletter Tracker is already used with bifacial modules at a project in Bavaria.

New roof hook saves material and installation time

The new and improved generation of roof hooks for the Eco and Rapid 2+ series generates significant savings in installation time and costs: The roof hooks are welded in one piece and come in 6 or 8 mm bar thickness. They are made of the high-strength steel grade S700MC in accordance with EN 10149-2: 2013-12 and have already been granted European Technical Approval (ETA). Their strength, which has been significantly increased compared to the predecessors, meets the requirements for mechanical strength, stability, structural integrity and durability stipulated in EU Regulation 305/2011.

PV systems on tiled roofs with wooden substructures can thus be installed with fewer fixing points per kilowatt of output. This not only saves material costs but also installation time. A new zinc flake coating makes the roof hook particularly corrosion-resistant.

Modular system for optimized warehousing and logistics

In addition, the Schletter Group has further optimized its product portfolio in order to simplify warehousing and logistics for its wholesale partners. This was driven by a consistent further development of the modular system. Above all, this means that applications which used to require special products that had to be stocked by the resellers in small quantities can now be installed with large-volume standard stock items that are used in specific combinations. “The customer is thus able to order at a much lower price, as it’s easier to get special price quantities,” explains Manuel Schwarzmaier, Head of Roof Projects.

One example is the “Alu Tile” roof hook with a replacement metal roof tile. In the future, Schletter will offer a universal fastener, which can be freely combined with any metal roof tile according to the “one fits all” principle. In the past, these products had only been only available as pre-assembled sets.

And the Schletter Group has also added similar modular solutions for corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs to its product range. These are ready-made hanger bolt sets, which, in combination with various mounting plates and adapters, cover all common roof shapes. The trapezoidal sheet system “Single Fix” has been optimized according to the same principle: Customers will now be able to order and stock larger quantities of the universal trapezoidal sheet metal holder and then combine it with application-specific rails and screws.

Furthermore, Schletter managed to reduce the need for custom-made products: In future, the Fix T and Fix E trapezoidal sheet metal fasteners will no longer be manufactured specifically for each project, but will be provided by Schletter in all common sizes as catalogue products.

The Schletter Group presents itself at the intersolar, Hall A3, Booth 140.